Here are the First 4 Speakers for TNW Europe 2016: Our Biggest Conference Ever

After just a few weeks of discussions, the TNW Events team have already confirmed 25 top-flight speakers. The first 4 individuals that we’re announcing can lay claim to some incredible achievements: from helping to democratise the flow of content online and changing the way that presidential candidates carry out their campaigns, to disrupting the way we work and how we shop.

Our first 2-for-1 ticket sale takes place on October 14th. You need to sign up in advance to receive access to what is set to be the cheapest price point of the whole event:

The first 4 speakers are:

Steve Huffman – Co-Founder & CEO, Reddit
Reddit needs little introduction, having fundamentally changed the way we share and consumer content online over the last decade. The website currently ranks as the 32nd most popular worldwide according to Alexa.

Peter Koomen – Co-founder & CTO, Optimizely
Optimizely is an A/B testing platform that has its roots in Obama's renowned 2008 online presidential election campaign – raising $60 million in donations thanks to a few simple experiments. Fast-forward to 2015, and nearly all presidential candidates are now making use of the software in their current campaigns.

Robert Gentz – Co-founder & CEO, Zalando
Founded in 2008, Zalando is now one of the world's biggest e-commerce companies – valued at over $7 billion and with 2014 revenues of $2.2 billion. Zalando is also the fastest company on the continent to break $1 billion in revenue.

Jason Fried – Co-founder & CEO, Basecamp
10 years after Basecamp first hit the market, more than 15,000,000 people have worked on a project using the software, with thousands of companies signing up to try it each week. Jason is currently working on the product's next iteration: Basecamp 3, due to be released soon.

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