Kings of Code presents its first Developer Festival

Discover the latest techniques in coding, learn from the best and party till dawn

Who said festivals are just for hipsters and should be in summer? The Next Web's developer brand 'Kings of Code' organizes its first developer festival in the beating heart of Amsterdam's Tech Light District. Known in the community for its kick ass Conferences and Hack Battles, Kings of Code will take it up a notch for this 3 day festival. December 1st, 2nd and 3rd Amsterdam is yours to learn about the latest trends in coding and performing the best hacks.
One street, two theatres and lots of parties in the heart of Amsterdam. The first Kings of Code Festival begins with a two day Hack Battle. Saturday December 1st and Sunday December 2nd the 'Nes' street in Amsterdam will be the scene of the Kings of Code Hack Battle. 100 developers will huddle up in teams to hack international well known platform's API's and SDK's to create new services and apps. The winners will receive great prizes and present their hacks on stage during the Conference. All of this will be accompanied with great parties where you will meet great fellow coders.
The next day, monday December 3rd, the Conference will take place, with the best in the coding industry revealing their secrets and knowledge on stage. Each of the theaters will have their own focus on web and mobile development: front-end and back-end developing.

Eventually, you learn best by doing, and there will be plenty of opportunity to put your new learned skills into practice during these three days, sharing techniques and knowledge and making new friends. There are Hack Battle drinks on saturday, a closing party on monday and special Geekups in bars. All of this in the bars and restaurants close to the Hack Battle and Conference theaters.

Code warriors unite! Buy your tickets here and bring your friends!

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