Thanks! It was a blast #TNWeurope

03 MAY 2014

We're still shaky, have trouble sleeping or being awake. You could say that the team is in limbo after the TNW Europe Conference. But hey, it was fantastic! The stage, the people (each of the 2500 participants), the speakers, the looks, the Belgium fries, the parties, the business, the weather, it all couldn't be better.

Next year it will be our 10th anniversary and oooff, that's going to be insane. Can't wait to see you there. Make sure to reserve your voucher for a 1 + 1 ticket.

Below a small selection of the pictures, but you can find all official pics via OneDrive and make sure to check out the After Movie.

Thank you for joining us! We (hart) you.

Download PDF
Download PDF
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