What happens in Vierhouten...?

04 JUNE 2014

Warning! This message contains a fair amount of office jargon.

Any self-respecting tech company nowadays goes on a company retreat, in order to recharge, rework, check in and circle the wagons. I mean, re-group, touch base with the team, really dive deeper and think outside the box to come up with some game-changing, paradigm shifting new value add for the business that creates a win-win-win. That's a no-brainer, right?

So, we moved the Amsterdam office for 24 hours to the middle of nowhere a.k.a. Vierhouten. The ideal place to sit down and suck in the collective brain of all colleagues. It's so back to basic, that you're forced to think creative. The ideal place for thought showers.

What creative, brand enhancing, thought provoking ideas came out of this retreat you might ask? Good question, and the answer is pretty straight forward: During beer pong we noticed that we provide more value elsewhere, soccer showed us we're born for online projects rather than running behind a ball and our airsoft attempts proved that we have seen too many action movies.

We had an awesome time and mastered a ton of useless, though underrated, skills.

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