TNW brings in two heavyweights ahead of ambitious productivity plans

With pride we'd like to introduce you to our two fresh hires at TNW. Although fresh at TNW, the industry heavyweights bring in over 90 years of experience. Albeit against company policy, TNW decided to offer permanent contract to the new hires from the start.

“At TNW, our vision is to build a hundred year startup, the new team members bring in 90 years of experience and are set to stay with the company throughout the whole 21st century„ @Boris

Without further ado, here are Faema e61 and Quickmill Omre 0.1.1

The Faema e61 is a renowned Italian espresso machine brand from back in the days. The e61 first was designed and came to the market in, you guess it right... 1961. This particular machine was made in 1964 and is totally revised by the awesome Roland Buurman from Vintage Espresso Machines.

Accompanied by the Quickmill Omre 0.1.1, which grinds coffee beans like there is no tomorrow with grande estilo, this combination is not only gorgeous, stunning, shiny, old school and timeless, its also capable of making the best espresso mankind have ever tasted.

I know, you want some more pics from these beauties, so here you go.

“Without doubt, this will lead to a huge boost in productivity. I'm talking exponential growth here. Hockey stick curve, you know.„ Chief Productivity Officer

So if you are around and are fond of a great espresso... drop by and let the Quickmill and Faema make you an espresso you'll never forget.

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Download PDF
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