Where All Kinds Of Original Programs Appear

Disclaimer: contains shocking pictures

It was the fall of 2006, a rainy Amsterdam day, Boris and I were working from our office, or at least something that should look like one, when two 21-year-old dudes walked in to pitch an idea to us. It was like Last.fm for applications the guys enthusiastically told us.

We had no idea if this Last.fm for apps would work and if it could be a viable business and this was before the smartphone era and the big boom of apps, but the two young blokes made a super intelligent and a bit nerdy impression. They could build everything themselves so they could start with a shoestring budget. We decided to help them out and offered them two chairs and desks in the 'office' to execute their idea. WAKOOPA was born and we toasted on world domination!

“I'm not a geek, but I came up with the name for the company: Where All Kinds Of Original Programs Appear„ @robertgaal

We pulled some strings, invited some investors and brought in seed money. Time for another glass of champagne!

As you can see the Wakoopa HQ (and TNW HQ) was a smokin hot shithole

Wakoopa launched their first site, we helped to get it on TechCrunch and Patrick went wild with Wakoopa stickers.

Wakoopa got picked up by several media outlets and Robert and Wouter were nominated for the 25 under 25 list.

Sometimes Boris would show off and Robert and Wouter would act if they were interested.

Ok time for more champagne!

Although a lot of talent on the entrepreneurial side, even a squash training from 7-time Dutch champion Ada de Laive couldn't help them improve their skills on the squash court. Hey guys... at least you tried.

The Wakoopians proved to be at their best on the bowling lanes accompanied by their friends Heineken and Baco.

Young guys grow up and so did Wakoopa. Growing the team, getting their own fancy office, actually make money and have world renowned clients like the big G who had expected that!

Yesterday Wakoopa announced a merger with Netquest, a big step for both companies. It was a fun ride. Congratulations to Wouter, Robert, Piet Hein, Menno and the rest of the team for building such a great company and bringing it this far. We wish you all the best in the new adventure with Netquest.

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