Tencent is bringing TNW to China

The Chinese public internet company Tencent inked a deal with The Next Web (TNW) to host a technology portal with the best content from TNW translated into Mandarin on their most popular portal QQ.com.

QQ.com is China's largest portal in Chinese, integrating news, online communities, entertainment products and widely-used basic services. The website serves hundreds of millions of Chinese users around the world through its broad real-time news coverage and full range of information and entertainment services.

“ We are very excited to partner with The Next Web.  With their leading content on technology and culture, The Next Web will help us deliver even better content to QQ.com users„ Caitlyn Chen, Tencent VP 

For The Next Web this is a great way to grow their brand into the Chinese market. The Next Web is one of the most popular tech sites in the English speaking world and a partnership like this can help us all become more connected. It makes it easier to spread information and educate people across the globe.

“China is a huge market and a tough nut to crack. With this strategic partnership we've found a way to enter the market with a bang while staying focussed on the English speaking markets. A win for us, a win for Tencent and a win for the Chinese people„ Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, CEO TNW
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