The future of Brazilian tech companies: Grow or die. 

TNW is returning to Sao Paulo to talk about the secrets behind the growth of tech companies

On December 2nd, we're organising our third annual event in São Paulo. A special edition, as this is an exclusive by invitation only event, with a max capacity of 399 people. The event brings together a select group of entrepreneurs, marketers, investors and tech influencers to discuss the secrets and best practices on how to grow tech companies.

“A lot of new startups have been created in Brazil in the past few years, but now it's time to take the next step and turn the most promising ones into international powerhouses. Grow or die is the motto.„ Patrick de Laive, co-founder The Next Web

We see a lot of opportunities for tech startups in Brazil and Latin America in general. There are enough ideas, but it's the execution that matters in the end. During the TNW conference we bring some really smart and experienced people together to get new ideas on how to grow tech companies by learning from each other. We want to keep it intimate and make sure that every participant can add value, therefore we decided to do the ticket sales based on an invitation only principle. People can request an invite by submitting their Linkedin URL and our team looks into each profile before sending a registration link. Tickets start at US$275 and 2 tickets for US$400.

For leading women in tech we have a special offer, they save an extra 40%.

The theme of the event is growth and we have invited some national and international experts on the topic to share their view and insights on how to build and grow tech companies on a global scale. Speakers include Kees Koolen (co-founder of, responsible for international growth of Uber), who is now heavily investing in Brazilian e-commerce startups with Koolen Participacoes, Samir Patel (growth hacker), Jean Christian Mies (SVP Adyen), Paul Malicky (CMO Easy Taxi), Fabricio Bloisi (CEO Movile) and more.

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