The Next Web joins forces with Google to launch Amsterdam tech hub

AMSTERDAM, Wednesday 2 December 2015 – Today The Next Web has announced that it is launching a new technology hub that will be home to a curated community of fast growing tech startups in the heart of Amsterdam – called ‘X’

The hub, opening in spring 2016, is aimed at stimulating a more cohesive technology community in the city. The space will host carefully selected technology startups, innovative corporate partners, as well as open, public spaces for working, meeting and socialising. By partnering with Google, ‘X’ will also become home to the Google for Entrepreneurs Network in the Netherlands. X also welcomed a number of other corporate partners, including as global partner, ABN AMRO as founding partner and KPMG is opening up its innovation lab.

The 6,000 square meter building is situated in the center of Amsterdam, and will include open collaboration spaces, private offices, innovation labs, dining, a 1,000 square meter basement for hosting spectacular events and a top floor offering amazing views across the city, which will be open to the public.

Singel 542 - Muntstaete
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Singel 542 - Muntstaete

Speaking about The Next Web’s motivation for diversifying into physical spaces, Co-founder & CEO, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, said:

The Amsterdam tech scene is thriving – year on year, we see impressive improvements in our rankings as a global hub. We want to contribute to this growth by focusing on one aspect that could put us in the top spot for Europe: community. We live and breathe this city, our headquarters are here, and so is our industry-leading conference. We think that Amsterdam’s tech community could benefit from the enthusiasm and atmosphere of our events lasting all-year round, in turn stimulating the same enthusiasm from VCs and new talent
We were inspired by London’s Google Campus and realised that Google would be the perfect, experienced partner for building a hub that gives back to the ecosystem and supports entrepreneurship. They have partnered with more than 25 successful hubs around the world and have 5 campuses that they operate themselves. However, this collaboration with TNW will bring a uniquely Dutch edge to their Amsterdam edition by working with the likes of, ABN AMRO and KPMG as well as our own network and experience in activating brands and entrepreneurs. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, CEO The Next Web

Google’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, James van Thiel adds:

Collaborating with TNW on this project has a single, ambitious goal for us in the Netherlands: to further strengthen local entrepreneurship in the heart of the country. It’s well known that the startup scene is vibrant here, and we think that ‘X’ will help bring the buzz of this growing ecosystem to a physical center: something that research tells us is vital for startups. Here, alongside TNW, we’ll be able to offer our local mentoring program, as well as initiatives like demo days with international guests, global exchange programs and training sessions designed to help Dutch startups grow. James van Thiel, Director of Strategic Partnerships EMEA at Google
Being Headquartered in the city center of Amsterdam, we need a vibrant community around us to fuel our staff and keep innovating our business. By building X, we help Amsterdam growing their pull for innovation and help tech entrepreneurs to feel connected to the city’s opportunities. Pairing with TNW’s initiative feels like a natural way to make that work. We’re looking forward to build X together and foster future global opportunities. Gillian Tans, COO at
We are very excited about X, KPMG will setup an innovation lab where we will drive co-creation with innovative startups and our corporate clients. This lab will be connected to our Innovation Lab in New York and we think it fills a gap in the Dutch tech ecosystem Edo Roos Lindgreen, Head of Innovation at KPMG.
As founding partner, ABN AMRO wants to contribute to the 'X' community because we strongly believe that collaboration with the other partners and start-ups - in particular Fintech - will result in more innovative solutions for society. These innovations will also benefit our clients.With this partnership, we are increasing our physical presence in start-upcommunities. We see this as a win-win because we will help start-ups growand scale-up through our experience, expertise and network. And, they willgive us insights about opportunities for co-creation and investments infintech products and services. Frank Verkerk, Chief Digital Officer ABN AMRO

Location, location, location

X will be located in the “Muntstaete”, a historic banking center on the canals of Amsterdam. X aims to house 120 innovative startups, 500 workspaces, and 1,000 like-minded, daily visitors – from entrepreneurs and investors to mentors and business leaders.

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The space will open to the public in 2016. Startups looking for residency can apply at

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