Nike,, and TNW join forces to support young talent and increase diversity in tech

In an effort to increase diversity in tech and back young talent, Nike, and TNW teamed up to offer 3000 highly subsidised tickets to young digital minds under 30 to TNW Conference. Instead of €600 for a regular pass, the ‘Young Creators’ tickets will be available for only €95.

This “3000 under 30” initiative aims to encourage young people working in digital from all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations or disabilities to take part in the event and benefit from the opportunities, inspiration and education offered within the conference program. It’s the biggest effort in the industry, to date, to increase diversity and include the underrepresented demographic of young people at major tech events.

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TNW founder Patrick de Laive comments: “Many young people under 30 are not yet in a position to have their employer pay for their ticket to an international tech event like TNW. We want to close the gap and make the event accessible to young digitally skilled people, regardless of their budgets. To make it happen, we teamed up with like-minded, forward thinking companies and governmental bodies that are on a mission to increase diversity and promote young talent within the industry. As a tech-focused company, we consider these attributes to have tremendous value and impact, and we hope to see many people take advantage of our initiative.”

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