Accelerating Sustainability: TNW Programs and nlmtd Join Forces with Royal Schiphol Group to Drive Airport Innovation and Ecosystem Transformation

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The Next Web (TNW) and nlmtd are excited to announce their partnership with the Royal Schiphol Group as the organisation's innovation partner and ecosystem orchestrator, to support the company’s transformation into a sustainable and future-proof organisation. 

Amsterdam NL, 10th January 2023 - Schiphol has the ambition for their airports to be zero-emission and zero-waste by 2030 on route to becoming energy-positive and circular in the long run. As the Ecosystem Orchestrators, TNW Programs and nlmtd will bring external ideas and solutions to the table to help the Royal Schiphol Group address both short-term challenges and long-term strategic programs in key sustainability and innovation areas. The partnership aims to make the organization resilient and empower its position as the leader in the airport industry. 

TNW Programs has a proven track record of helping organisations stay at the forefront of innovation, with experience working with other leading companies such as IKEA, Rabobank, and Heineken. By collaborating with TNW Programs and nlmtd, the Royal Schiphol Group will benefit from diverse perspectives and expertise, enabling them to achieve their goals.

We need innovation to achieve our ambition: to become the world’s most sustainable airport. We anticipate that daily operations on Schiphol's apron will have changed significantly by 2050. Ground-based activities such as baggage transport, passenger transport and aircraft towing will not only be clean, but also smart and autonomous. We have already taken the first steps in this field with TNW and nlmtd. We will conduct a trial of self-driving buses on Schiphol's apron this spring. That way, we can determine what follow-up steps are needed in the future. Jan Zekveld, head of innovation at Royal Schiphol Group
We are thrilled to help Schiphol accelerate in their innovation journey. While many companies reduce their innovation efforts during difficult times, for Schiphol, innovation is the solution. We can’t wait to find solutions in the market that can make the baggage process more autonomous, and to work with external innovators to address the challenge of ultra-fine particles around the airport. Our goal is to help Schiphol become a more sustainable and future-proof organization, and we are confident that our partnership will help achieve this Arno Nijhof, Director of TNW Programs
The Royal Schiphol Group’s idea to partner up with an Ecosystem Orchestrator in order to help accelerate the transition towards the most sustainable and high quality airports in the world marks their ambition and their belief that Innovation is Better Together. This is exactly how we believe Innovation can be accelerated. We will bring our Ecosystem Development and Innovation Capabilities to the table together with our good friends at TNW, to help accelerate the positive impact we can make Pieter Paul van Oerle, founder of nlmtd partner Ecosystem Orchestration

The Royal Schiphol Group's commitment to innovation and sustainability aligns with our joint mission to facilitate building an ecosystem of innovations. The partnership will enable the Royal Schiphol Group to leverage external ideas and expertise to transform their operations, drive growth and remain competitive in the rapidly changing airport industry.

About the Innovation Hub at Royal Schiphol Group

To become the world's most sustainable and high-quality airport, we are working towards the following goals: increasing the quality of our service, network and living environment. To achieve these ambitions, Schiphol Group is investing heavily in innovation. This is done in close cooperation with various partners such as airlines, handlers, start-ups and universities. The Innovation Hub focuses on validating new solutions for a future-proof airport.

About nlmtd

nlmtd helps organisations become future-proof. We do this by creating a learning organisation in co-creation. We adopt a progressive approach; doing business together to make a positive impact. Our entrepreneurial experts inspire organisations to improve, renew and change. And then, in co-creation, we achieve these objectives, resulting in a future-proof organisation. We come up with ideas, and then we take action.

About TNW Programs

TNW Programs is a digital transformation and innovation consultancy and part of TNW. TNW connects companies, governments, investors and start-ups to foster innovation and accelerate sustainability and digital transformation. Their services include innovation consulting, market research, business innovation and start-up matchmaking. Using a data-driven approach and cutting-edge technologies, TNW Programs provides effective solutions for clients, such as IKEA, Vodafone, Nestlé and now Schiphol, looking to develop new products, enter new markets or improve existing processes.

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